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Wayne Pressure Washer Igniters | Wayne Burner Transformer | Hot Water Pressure Washer Burner Ignitor

Wayne Combustion Systems has produced diesel oil fired burner systems for more than 90 years, and are found on such hot water pressure washer brands as Landa, Hotsy, Alkota, Shark, Karcher and Delco. In addition to being used on hot water power washers, Wayne electronic oil igniters are also found on commercial and residential heating equipment such as waste oil furnaces, portable heaters and even on asphalt trucks.

Available in a variety of configurations, including side-mount hinge, back-mount or rear-mount hinge, as well as 110-volt, 220-volt and 12-volt, these Wayne oil burner ignition transformers are easy to install and can be used in place of alternate brands of electronic oil igniters.

If you are uncertain as to which electronic oil burner igniter your hot water power washer requires, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you!

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8.700-800.0 Allanson 2280-620S Pressure Washer Oil Burner Ignitor Replaces Wayne 31813-002 Allanson 240 Volt Ignitor

Side Hinge
Allanson 2280-620S

Our Price: $212.00
8.700-807.0 Wayne 12 Volt DC Constant Duty Ignitor 31812-003 Replacement for Beckett 5049 Igniter Wayne 12 Volt Ignitor

Bottom Hinge
Wayne 31812-003
Replaces Beckett 5049

Our Price: $232.00
8.700-820.0 Wayne 12 VDC Ignitor 31813-003 Wayne 12 Volt Ignitor

Side Hinge
Wayne 31813-003

Our Price: $263.00
8.700-802.0 Wayne Diesel Oil Burner Ignitor 31813-001 Wayne 120 Volt Ignitor

Side Hinge
Wayne 31813-001

Our Price: $139.00
8.700-803.0 Wayne 120 Volt 31812-001 Ignitor Replaces Wayne 101121-001 Igniter Wayne 120 Volt Ignitor

Bottom Hinge
Wayne 31812-001

Our Price: $145.00
8.700-804.0 Wayne 120 Volt Ignition Transformer 23101E Replaces Wayne 20358 Wayne 120 Volt Transformer

Side Hinge
Wayne 23101-E

Our Price: $145.00
8.700-805.0 Wayne 120 Volt Ignition Transformer 23101FH Wayne 120 Volt Transformer

Side Hinge
Wayne 23101-FH

Our Price: $207.00
8.700-806.0 Wayne 120 Volt Ignition Transformer 23101M Wayne 120 Volt Transformer

Bottom Hinge
Wayne 23101-M

Our Price: $155.00
8.700-810.0 Wayne Ignition Transformer 23101M Replaces Wayne 21665 Wayne 120 Volt Transformer

Side Hinge
Wayne 23101-M

Our Price: $176.00
8.700-801.0 Wayne 240 Volt 31812-002 Diesel Oil Burner Ignitor Wayne 240 Volt Ignitor

Bottom Hinge
Wayne 31812-002

Our Price: $217.00
8.700-798.0 Wayne Constant Duty Pressure Washer Ignition Transformer 23103-M Wayne 240 Volt Transformer

Bottom Hinge
Wayne 23103-M

Our Price: $165.00
8.700-774.0 Wayne E and M Series Burner System Tune Up Repair Kit 31156 Wayne Burner Tune Up Kit 31156

For Wayne E & M Series Burners

Our Price: $53.00