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Suttner Pressure Washer Trigger Guns | Replacement Power Washer Handles

For a high quality replacement pressure washer trigger gun, you can't go wrong with the purchase of a Suttner trigger gun; manufactured with the highest quality standards, to meet the demands of the extreme pressure washer user. For those looking for an inexpensive pressure washer gun, try our Suttner ST-1500 gun, excellent for general power washing uses. Or for those who apply acid, possibly in a two-step cleaning process, try our Suttner ST-2700 trigger gun with stainless steel internal components to withstand harsh chemicals and acids.

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Suttner ST1500 TRIGGER GUN 8.710-384.0 Suttner ST-1500 Trigger Gun

4000 PSI, 12 GPM

Our Price: $47.50
Suttner ST-1500 Weep Gun 8.710-385.0 Suttner ST-1500 WEEP Trigger Gun

Protects Pressure Washer Pump!

Our Price: $51.00
8.710-388.0 Suttner ST-2000 Replacement Pressure Washer Trigger Gun Handle, 5000 PSI Suttner ST-2000 Trigger Gun

4000 PSI, 12 GPM

Our Price: $52.50
8.710-386.0 Suttner ST-2305 Replacement Pressure Washer Trigger Gun , 5000 PSI Suttner ST-2305 Trigger Gun

5000 PSI, 12 GPM

Our Price: $52.50
8.710-376.0 Suttner ST-2605 Pressure Washer Replacement Trigger Gun, 5000 PSI Suttner ST-2605 Trigger Gun

5000 PSI, 12 GPM

Our Price: $67.50
8.710-389.0 Suttner ST-2700 Pressure Washer Acid Gun with Stainless Steel Internal Components Suttner ST-2700 Trigger Gun

5000 PSI, 12 GPM
Excellent for ACIDS

Our Price: $176.00
8.710-370.0 Suttner ST-601 Replacement Gun for Telescoping Wands Suttner ST-601 Trigger Gun

4000 PSI, 12 GPM

Our Price: $52.50