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Sewer Hose | Pipe and Tube Cleaning Hose

While the category says "sewer hose," our experience shows that most users purchasing our sewer cleaning hose actually use them to clean out commercial or residential drains and plumbing pipes. Affixing a sewer or pipe cleaning nozzle to the end of one of these drain cleaning hose lines will make quick work of your job. The specialty nozzle shoots the water backwards, forcing the end of the hose deeper into the pipe. Of course, they also work great as a sewer line cleaner when the clogged line is full of small tree roots and other debris.

Whether you've got a clogged sewer line or a plugged drain, use your pressure washer to its full advantage with one of these hoses. Select 1/4" diameter hose in 50- or 100-foot lengths rated at either 2600 or 4400 PSI. 1/8" hose comes in 25', 50' or 100' lengths, all rated at 4800 PSI and 160° temperature.