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Pressure Washer Dual Lance Wand | Variable Pressure Wand

When pressure washing vehicles or heavy equipment, applying soaps and detergents is nearly a must, and with the use of our dual lance wands, it can be quick and easy. Using a dual lance, or variable pressure wand in conjunction with a downstream detergent injector allows the power washer user to control the flow of detergent from the wand, simply by turning the handle. If not using detergent, turning the handle allows for control of operating pressure; the more you open the valve on the variable pressure wand, the lower the pressure is reduced, which can be useful when power washing windows, undercarriages or wheel wells.

Our variable pressure wands are available in a variety of lengths, from 36 inches up to 72 inches, which can be quite handy when cleaning large equipment and over the road trucks and trailers. We offer a selection of dual lance replacement wands for the Hotsy product line, as well as those commonly found Landa and other pressure washer brands. If you are applying acids, we recommend our Interpump dual lance wands, as the valve used on these wands holds up well to harsh chemicals, such as acids (we recommend flushing the dual lance wand with water after acid application).