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Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand | Fiberglass Extension Wand | Long Reach Power Washer Lance

Pressure Washing in hard to reach locations such as apartment complexes, office buildings, banks, even large warehouses is easy to do with the use of our fiberglass telescoping extension wands. Windows and eaves are easy to reach while standing on the ground; no more renting scaffolding and putting your employees at risk of injury and falls!

Available in 12, 18 or 24 ft, these long reach extension wands are lightweight and balanced under pressure, for easy control. We recommend using our strap and belt shoulder hardness to reduce fatigue.

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8.710-589.0 Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 6 to 12 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 6 - 12 FT

No More Ladders or Scaffolding!

Our Price: $264.00
General Pump Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 6-18 Ft 8.710-590.0 Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 6 - 18 FT

Prevents Falls and Injury from Ladder Use

Our Price: $269.00
8.710-591.0 General Pump Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 24 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 8 - 24 FT

Safely Reaches Eaves and Windows

Our Price: $336.00
8.723-896.0 General Pump Telescoping Wand Replacement Trigger Gun DG4000TS12 Replacement Gun TS12

For 8.710-589.0
12 Ft Telescoping Wand

Our Price: $50.00
8.710-595.0 Replacement Trigger Gun for General Pump 18 Ft Telescoping Wand Replacement Gun TS18

For 8.710-590.0
18 Ft Telescoping Wand

Our Price: $50.00
8.739-434.0 Replacement Trigger Gun for General Pump 24 ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand Replacement Gun TS24

For 8.710-591.0
24 Ft Telescoping Wand

Our Price: $50.50
Telescoping Wand Belt and Shoulder Harness 8.700-059.0 Shoulder Harness and Belt

Use with any Telescoping Wand
to Reduce Fatigue

Our Price: $65.50