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Pressure Washer Spray Nozzles | Power Washer Spray Tips

Pressure washers use a spray tip nozzle to produce high pressure, but there are so many different nozzles to choose from! We offer a complete selection of nozzles designed to fit most brands of commercial and residential pressure washers. This includes adjustable fan nozzles, quick connect nozzles and nozzle filters. For dual lance wands, we offer our 1/4" male threaded pressure washer soap nozzle selection, which are available in a variety of sizes: 15, 20, 30 and 40, with spray patterns from zero degrees up to and including 65 degrees. Also check out the power washer rotating turbo nozzle for some serious cleaning in sizes ranging from 4.0 to 12.0.

You'll find our quick connect nozzles are color coded for ease in identifying the spray pattern each nozzle produces. A RED quick release nozzle has a zero degree spray pattern and is great for cleaning cracks in driveways or when you need a longer reach, such as cleaning eaves on a second story building. YELLOW Nozzles are 15 degrees, the most popular spray pattern, with a cutting edge, to lift and remove debris from the surface. GREEN Nozzles are 25 degrees which is a bit wider, and is useful for cleaning fine finishes on vehicles, and WHITE Nozzles are 40 degrees. which is excellent for power washing windows, or when you need a less direct impact. These color-coded tips come in sizes from 3.0 to 7.5 (in increments of 0.5), are rated for up to 4000 psi, made from hardened stainless steel and a universal quick couple design that will fit most any power washer, either homeowner or industrial grade.

Not certain which nozzle is right for your job? Give us a call! One of our customer service representatives would be happy to offer recommendations to expedite your cleaning job!

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8.749-905.0 Suttner ST-330 Adjustable Nozzle Holder 8.749-906.0 Suttner ST-330 Adjustable Nozzle Holder
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tanks, gutters and more!
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