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Pressure Washer Scrub Brush | Industrial Floor Brush | Telescoping Brush Handle

Pressure washing over the road trucks and heavy equipment can be a daunting task, but with our scrub brushes, it's quick and easy! Our Rotating Brush attaches easily to your pressure washer wand and rotates easily to remove scrum and debris from vehicles, fiberglass boats and other surfaces. Our 10-inch tractor brush attaches easily to our Fiberglass telescoping handles and it's small width fits easily into a five-gallon bucket, making the task of cleaning your tractor trailer or heavy equipment almost fun! This soft bristled truck scrub brush is available in 18 inch and 24 inch as well. Need to clean those shop floors and under the work area counters? No problem! Just use our deck and floor scrub brush! It's heavy duty design can be used nearly anywhere!

Shop Pressure Washer carries a large selection of industrial scrub brushes and telescoping brush handles to assist in any pressure washing job. If you don't find what you're looking for, just Give us a call at 888-269-0172 and we'll help you find the perfect solution.

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Truck Wash Brush with Telescoping Handle 10" Truck Wash Brush w Telescoping Handle

Cleans Trucks, Equipment
and Boats!

Our Price: $80.00
Sale Price: $74.99
8.709-309.0 Fiberglass Extension Handle 4 - 8  Ft Fiberglass Extension Handle

Extends 4-8 Ft

Our Price: $57.50
8.709-310.0 Fiberglass Extension Handle 6 Ft to 12 Ft Fiberglass Extension Handle

Extends 6-12 Ft

Our Price: $73.50
8.709-311.0 Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Handle 8 Ft to 16 Ft Fiberglass Extension Handle

Extends 8-16 Ft

Our Price: $93.00
8.709-306.0 Lightweight Fiberglass Extension Brush and Broom Handle 48 Inch Fiberglass Handle

48" Length

Our Price: $24.80
8.709-307.0 Fiberglass Lightweight Brush Handle 60 Inch Non Adjustable Fiberglass Handle

60" Length

Our Price: $26.30
72 Inch Fiberglass Extension Brush Broom Handle 8.709-308.0 Fiberglass Handle

72" Length

Our Price: $30.50
8.709-314.0 Rotating Pressure Washer Brush Nylon Bristle Rotating Pressure Washer Brush

Rotating Brush

Our Price: $69.00
8.709-298.0 Soft Bristle 10 Inch Truck Wash Brush Truck Wash Brush

10" Width

Our Price: $27.90
8.709-303.0 Soft Bristle Truck and Car Wash Brush 18 Inch Truck Wash Brush

18" Width

Our Price: $27.40
8.709-304.0 Soft Bristled Truck and Car Wash Bay Brush 24 Inch Truck Wash Brush

24" Width

Our Price: $32.50
8.709-300.0 Tractor Window Soft Bristle Brush 10 Inch Window Brush

10" Width

Our Price: $22.70