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Rupture Disk | Pressure Relief Valve | High Pressure Safety Valve

Similar to a pressure relief valve, our Rupture Disk Assemblies protect your pressure washer from excessive pressure build up within the coil. Rated for either 7000 PSI or 8000 PSI, these rupture assemblies have a burst disk inside that opens upon sensing a pressure spike within the unit, allowing a relief path for high temperature, high pressure water. Unlike pressure relief valves, our Rupture Disks cannot be reset, and must be replaced upon opening, and once the cause of failure has been identified.

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8.707-381.0 Pressure Washer Rupture Disk Assembly 8500 PSI Rupture Disk Assembly

8500 PSI

Our Price: $65.50
9.802-192.0 Pressure Washer Burst Rupture Disk Assembly 7000 PSI Rupture Disk Assembly

7000 PSI

Our Price: $53.50