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Most pressure washer users don't realize it, but water sources such as private wells and even city water supplies contain a small amount of contaminants and debris that can quickly destroy a Rotomax rotating nozzle or a Giant Turbo nozzle. Some of these rotating nozzles are made with ceramic internal components, and just like fine china, can be easily scored and damaged by small particles of sand and other debris that can be found in private water sources. To help eliminate damage, simply connect this inline nozzle filter between the pressure washer wand and the rotating nozzle. Inside the filter housing is a small mesh filter, which catches small particles of debris, eliminating it from entering the nozzle, extending the life of the ceramic components. Remember to check the filter often and clean away any dirt and debris, to keep it performing properly.

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8.710-151.0 General Pump Brass High Pressure Inline Filter for use on Giant Turbo Nozzles and Rotomax Rotating Nozzles Inline Nozzle Filter 1/4 FPT x 1/4 MPT

5000 PSI BRASS Inline Filter

Our Price: $20.10
8.710-150.0 High Pressure Inline Nozzle Filter, 1/4 MPT Inlet and Outlet Inline Nozzle Filter 1/4 MPT X 1/4 MPT

5000 PSI BRASS Inline Filter

Our Price: $21.20
8.709-979.0 Brass High Pressure Inline Nozzle Filter, 1/4" Quick Connect X 1/4" MPT Inline Nozzle Filter 1/4 QC X 1/4 MPT

5000 PSI BRASS Inline Filter

Our Price: $16.50
8.710-149.0 Stainless Steel High Pressure Inline Pressure Washer Nozzle Filter, Manufactured by General Pump Inline Nozzle Filter 1/4 QC X 1/4 MPT

5000 PSI STAINLESS STEEL Inline Filter

Our Price: $24.80