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Pressure Washer Pump Repair | Pump Seal Kits

At we carry pressure washer pump repair kits for the three leading high pressure pump brands on the market: AR (Annovi Reverberi), General Pump and Hotsy. Pump repair kits offered here include pump seal kits (with or without brass pressure rings), plunger oil seal kits, pump check valve kits and ceramic piston plunger kits.

Many customers contact us reporting low pressure issues, and believing that the only thing they can do is to replace the high pressure pump. This is not always accurate! Just like tires on your car, high pressure pump seals can wear with time, requiring replacement to bring the pressure back to manufacturer specifications. A faulty or improperly adjusted unloader valve can cause pressure issues. And, a worn out nozzle can also cause low pressure.

For the do-it-yourself pump repair, we recommend purchase of our Hotsy Pump Repair Tool Kit. It’s a must-have for DIY pump rebuilds.