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Pressure Washer Hi Temperature Limit Switch | Power Washer Burner Control

Manufacturers of nearly all brands of hot water pressure washers recognize the fact that when pressure washing with hot water, safety is not only important, but crucial. To protect the pressure washer user as well as the equipment, they use safety items such as pressure relief valves, unloaders (commonly called pressure regulators), pressure switches and GFCI electrical cords. Another safety feature found on many brands of hot power washers is the hi-limit switch. This safety switch operates similar to a thermostat in that it controls the temperature of the hot water by keeping it below a designated high limit, turning the power washer burner off once it reaches that temperature. A less expensive alternative to the adjustable thermostat, but still highly effective in keeping your equipment and your employees safe.

Our pressure washer high limit switch selection features a lineup of models with different high temperature limits as well as length of the lead, or electrical cord. We have access to many other high limit burner control switches that are not listed, so please don't hesitate to call! If you can supply the brand, model and serial number of your hot water pressure washer, we can help you find the exact high limit switch to keep your pressure washer working while keeping you safe!

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8.712-185.0 Hi Limit Switch 225 Degrees 8.712-205.0 Hi Limit Switch 340 Degrees
225 Degrees F

340 Degrees