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Pressure Washer Heating Coil Insulation | Blanket Insulation | Top Hat Insulation | Pancake Insulation

When replacing the heating coil of your hot water pressure washer, it will also be necessary to replace the insulation. Power washers with a vertical heating coil system such as Hotsy and Alkota, require three forms of insulation; the blanket insulation (often referred to as the wrap insulation), the top hat insulation, and the bottom insulation (often referred to as the pancake insulation). The blanket insulation completely surrounds the heating coil and helps to keep the temperature created by the burner system within the burn chamber of the pressure washer. The top hat insulation also assists with this task, as well as keeping the top hat of the pressure washer from heat damage. The pancake insulation keeps the high temperature heat away from the components of the pressure washer's burner system, which could result in extensive damage.

Pressure washers manufactured with a horizontal heating coil system such as Landa and Hydrotek, also utilize a blanket insulation or wrap, with an insulation disc at both ends of the heating coil. Although a bit different in design, the insulation discs offers the same protection for the pressure washer and the user as the top hat and pancake insulation.

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