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Flexible Pressure Washer Wand | Push Pull Lance | Flex Wand

Pressure washing in difficult spots such as vehicle engine compartments and undercarriages, or even roof and eaves can be so much easier with the use of one of our flexible pressure washing wands! These bendable power washer lances can be flexed up to 180 degrees, for easy cleaning, while saving money on broken wand repair. Perfect for car wash bays!

Our Spray-Flex wands can be bent up to 90 degrees and holds their shape under pressure, allowing for use at pressures up to 5000 PSI. And our push-pull lance can be pushed and pulled up to a 90-degree bend, for easy cleaning of hard to reach applications as gutters, fenders, trucks and heavy equipment.

Need a bit more information on which flexible pressure washing wand is best suited for your cleaning job? Feel free to give us a call at 888-269-0172! One of our knowledgeable customer service representatives would be happy to discuss with you!

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18 Inch Flexible Pressure Washer Wand 8.711-322.0 Flexible Lance 18" BLACK

1/4 MPT x 1/4 MPT

Our Price: $40.80
Flexible 18" Red Pressure Washer Lance 8.710-598.0 Flexible Lance 18" RED

1/4 MPT x 1/4 MPT

Our Price: $33.60
Flexible 21 Inch Pressure Washer Lance 8.710-603.0 Flexible Lance 21" RED

1/4 MPT x 1/8 FPT

Our Price: $48.60
24 Inch Flexible Pressure Washer Lance 8.711-320.0 Flexible Lance 24" BLACK

1/4 MPT X 1/8 FPT

Our Price: $47.00
Flexible 24" Pressure Washer Wand 8.710-604.0 Flexible Lance 24" RED

1/4 MPT x 1/8 FPT

Our Price: $49.60
8.711-324.0 Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner Accessory Gutter Cleaner Attachment

Cleans Gutters & More

Our Price: $13.00
Spray-Flex Flexible Pressure Washer Wand 5000 PSI 8.710-596.0 Spray-Flex Wand

5000 PSI

Our Price: $150.00
Spray-Flex Bendable Pressure Washer Wand 3000 PSI 8.710-597.0 Spray-Flex Wand

3000 PSI

Our Price: $124.00
8.710-711.0 Suttner ST-85 Push Pull Pressure Washer Lance bends to 90 degrees Suttner ST-85 Push Pull Lance

Bends to 90 Degrees!

Our Price: $191.00