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Pressure Washer Extension Wand | Power Washer Lance Extension

These zinc-plated uninsulated pressure washer extension wands are corrosion resistant and lightweight with 1/4 inch tubing. These extension wands are rated for use up to 4100 PSI and temperatures of up to 300 Deg F, and can be easily connected to most single lance pressure washer wands or trigger guns with the use of our 1/4 inch quick coupler fittings. These lance extensions DO NOT have an insulated grip, so please be careful if using these in a hot-water pressure washing application. We recommend use of heavy-duty gloves, to prevent injury and burns.

If you are interested in purchasing a lance for your hot water pressure washer that has an insulated grip, please see our Hotsy Hot Water Single Lance Wands or our Universal Lances.

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12" Uninsulated Pressure Washer Extension Wand 8.710-631.0 12" Extension Wand

4100 PSI

Our Price: $4.35
20" Zinc Plated Non-Insulated Pressure Washer Wand 8.710-632.0 20" Extension Wand

Corrosion Resistant

Our Price: $7.40
24" Zinc Plated Non-insulated Pressure Washer Wand Extension 8.710-633.0 24" Extension Wand


Our Price: $6.05
36" Zinc Plated Non-insulated Pressure Washer Wand Extension 8.710-634.0 36" Extension Wand


Our Price: $12.40
8.904-419.0 Pressure Washer 36" Extension Wand 36" Extension Wand

Includes Quick Connect Socket and Plug

Our Price: $44.90
48" Non-insulated Pressure Washer Lance Extension 8.710-635.0 48" Extension Wand

300 Deg F

Our Price: $13.90
60" Zinc Plated Non-insulated Pressure Washer Wand Extension 8.710-636.0 60" Extension Wand

4100 PSI

Our Price: $17.60
78" Non-insulated Pressure Washer Lance Extension 8.710-637.0 78" Extension Wand


Our Price: $24.80