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Reset Switches

Pressure Washer Reset Switch | Pressure Washer Breaker Switch | Power Washer Safety Switch

Electric power washers are sometimes used in a manner that could cause harm to the pressure washer or to the person using the washer. To keep the equipment safe, as well as the user, many pressure washer manufacturers use breaker switches or reset switches in their control systems.

A reset switch or breaker switch can trip for a variety of reasons such as improper power supply to the pressure washer (this can be caused by using an extension cord to supply power to the pressure washer, which is NEVER recommended), water being sprayed into the electric motor, or a spike in pressure from the power washer pump. Breaker switches and reset switches are typically found on the pressure washer control panel.

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8.716-077.0 Hotsy Double Pull Breaker Switch 30 amp, 277 volt 8.933-008.0 Hotsy Circuit Breaker Reset Switch
Breaker Switch

Our Price: $103.00
Reset Switch

Our Price: $15.50
30 Amp, 277 Volt

20 Amp, 230 Volt