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Pressure Washer Electrical Switches | Pressure Switch | Rocker Switch

Hot water and cold water pressure washers utilize a large variety of electrical repair parts, and to keep your equipment running properly, we stock them all here at! Hot water pressure washers use either a pressure switch or a flow switch to allow the burner system to ignite. Thermostats and high limit switches control the temperature range, and prevent injury caused by excessively high temperature water. Rocker switches, rotary cam switches and toggle switches turn the pump motor and burner motor on and off. GFCI Electric Cords protect you from injury while using an electric pressure washer in damp areas. Heavy duty voltage regulators provide a steady voltage to the hot water pressure washer burner system, protecting it from damage caused by turning the power washer off when the burner switch is still on, or by running the pressure washer gas engine out of gas. Hour meters are an excellent way of keeping track of when general maintenance repair is due. Protecting you and your pressure washing equipment is our goal.

If you don't find the exact part you need just give us a call on our toll free number, 888-269-0172. We're more than happy to research your pressure washer brand, model and serial number to offer the repair part recommended by your pressure washer manufacturer.