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Pressure Washer Parts Sale | Discount Pressure Washer Parts

Each month, Shop Pressure Washer Parts offers select pressure washer repair parts and pressure washing accessories for sale at reduced prices. Check back often to see what's on sale!

This month, we're showcasing our 36" Interpump Dual Lance Wand, ideal for use when applying detergents and other chemicals, but also allows for quick change between high pressure and low pressure, with just a turn of the handle! This deluxe version includes a low pressure soap nozzle, quick coupler socket for high pressure nozzle, and quick coupler nipple for high pressure hose connection. On sale this month only for $120!

Prevents injuries from falls off ladders and scaffolding with the use of our telescoping wands! These wands extend up to 24 Ft in length, keeping you safely on the ground while pressure washing apartment buildings, roof eaves, windows and more. Choose from three different lengths and save 10% on all!

Reduce pressure washer labor hours and costs with the use of our
Giant Turbo Laser Nozzles! These nozzles spin water at a high RPM, virtually stripping dirt from the surface of warehouse and shop floors, sidewalks, driveways, prepping heavy equipment for repair or paint and so much more! Select any of our Giant Turbo Laser Nozzles for only $297, now through September 30th.

Take a look at all of our monthly specials and check back on the 1st of each month to see our new offers!

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8.904-277.0 Interpump General Pump Dual Lance Pressure Washer Wand 36 Inch 36" Interpump DELUXE Dual Lance

Includes QC Inlet Plug
Soap Nozzle and Quick Coupler

Our Price: $134.00
Sale Price: $120.00
8.710-589.0 Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 6 to 12 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 6 - 12 FT

No More Ladders or Scaffolding!

Our Price: $264.00
Sale Price: $237.60
General Pump Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 6-18 Ft 8.710-590.0 Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 6 - 18 FT

Prevents Falls and Injury from Ladder Use

Our Price: $269.00
Sale Price: $242.10
8.710-591.0 General Pump Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Wand 24 Ft Fiberglass Telescoping Wand 8 - 24 FT

Safely Reaches Eaves and Windows

Our Price: $336.00
Sale Price: $302.40
8.712-426.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-4.0 Size 4.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $320.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.711-064.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle, 4.5 Size 4.5 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $331.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-428.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-5.0 Size 5.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $305.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-430.0 Pressure Washer Rotating Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-5.5 Size 5.5 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $331.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-431.0 Pressure Washing Rotating Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle, Size 6.0 Size 6.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $325.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-432.0 Rotating Pressure Washer Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle 22060A-7.0 Size 7.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $315.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-433.0 Giant Turbo Laser Rotating Pressure Washer Nozzle 22060A-8.0 Size 8.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $305.00
Sale Price: $297.00
8.712-434.0 Rotating Pressure Washer Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle Size 12.0 Sizes 12.0 Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle

5100 PSI, 212 Deg F

Our Price: $331.00
Sale Price: $297.00