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Pressure Washer Detergent Foamer | Foam Cannon | Foam Nozzle

Our pressure washer detergent foam cannon is a time saving accessory for your power washing tool kit! Simply fill the canister with concentrated soap, and attach to your pressure washer wand instead of the high pressure nozzle. Pulling the trigger gun, air mixes with the detergent creating a thick foam that stays on the surface, for longer cleaning time. The adjustment knob on our detergent foamer allows you to determine how much foam you want, up to a foam as thick as shaving cream! Can be purchased without the canister; simply attach detergent line and drop into your detergent supply bucket. Or, try our compact foamer for big results!

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8.903-999.0 Pressure Washer Detergent Compact Soap Foamer Nozzle Compact Detergent Foamer

Installs easily!

Our Price: $70.00
8.710-125.0 General Pump YLS12 Pressure Washing Detergent Soap Foamer Attachment Foam Cannon Detergent Foamer

Creates Thick Foam!

Our Price: $108.00
8.710-126.0 General Pump YLS12 Pressure Washing Detergent Foamer with Tank Foam Cannon Detergent Foamer with Tank

Includes Detergent Canister

Our Price: $134.00