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Pressure Washer Hour Meters | Power Washer Service Meter

Just like any other piece of equipment, pressure washers require routine maintenance to prevent costly repair bills and down time. Many power washer manufacturers install hour meters on the control panel of their hot water- and cold water-pressure washers for ease in scheduling pressure washer repair service.

Did you know that pressure washer pumps require pump oil changes every 250 hours? Or that power washer diesel-fired burner systems require general maintenance checks with replacement burner nozzles, ignition electrodes and fuel filters every 300 hours or use, or at least annually? What about the unloader valve? This pressure regulator valve should also be checked for proper PSI settings every 200 - 300 hours of use. Installing one of our hour meters will assist in making certain that your pressure washer is receiving service and maintenance as recommended by your pressure washer manufacturer.

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8.712-162.0 Round 220 Volt Hour Meter Pressure Washer Gas Engine Hour Meter 8.749-183.0 9.802-283.0 Pressure Washer Hour Meter, 115 / 240 Volts AC
220 Volt

5-80V, AC/DC

115/240V AC