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Pressure Washer Dump Gun | Continuous Flow Through Gun

Pressure washers are used in a variety of industries and locations, sometimes by many users. Protecting your pressure washer from abuse or misuse when in an environment of many workers can sometimes be difficult, with it being left on for long periods of time without the trigger gun being pulled. This bypass mode can be quite harmful to the pressure washer pump, unloader, high pressure hose and other components as pressure washersare designed to run in bypass for short periods of time; only about three minutes. One accessory that can protect your power washer from damage due to extended periods in bypass is the dump gun. Our dump guns deliver high pressure water, up to 3000 PSI, until the trigger gun is released. When this action occurs, the pressure is drastically reduced, but water continues to flow through the tube, even though the trigger gun is closed. This action eliminates the temperature build up that occurs with bypass mode, thereby protecting your pressure washer pump from detrimental damage.

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8.710-405.0 Pressure Washer Dump Gun 16 Inch AP Single Lance Dump Gun

16 Inch
Protects Pressure Washer Pump

Our Price: $129.00
8.710-406.0 Pressure Washer Dump Gun 40 Inch AP Single Lance Dump Gun

40 Inch
Protects Pressure Washer Pump

Our Price: $145.00