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Pressure Washer Flow Switch | Power Washer Burner Control

Interchangeable with a pressure switch, our pressure washer flow switches are safety features installed on hot water pressure washers for burner control. When the pressure washer's trigger gun is released, meaning not calling for high pressure hot water, the power washer burner system should shut off, to protect the pressure washer and the user. If the burner system continues to fire while the trigger gun is released, the water that is trapped in the heating coil will continue to increase in temperature, which will result in damage to the pressure washer coil, as well as creating an unsafe environment for those who are using the pressure washer. Our flow switches are activated when they sense water flow through the pressure washer system, which in effect tells the burner system that it is okay to ignite. When water flow stops (the trigger gun is released), the burner system shuts off.

There are advantages to selecting a pressure washer flow switch instead of a pressure switch, and vice versa. If you would are interested in recommendations as to which burner control switch would work best in your application, feel free to contact our customer service representatives for assistance!
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8.933-006.0 Legacy MV60 Water Activated Flow Switch 9.803-266.0 Legacy AP500 Replacement Reed Switch 8.712-243.0 Suttner ST-5 Flow Switch for Pressure Washer Burner Control
Mounts in Any Position

For Legacy AP500 Flow Switch

Vertical Mount Only

8.704-122.0 Replacement Reed Switch for Suttner ST-5 Flow Switch 8.712-245.0 Suttner ST-6 Water Activated Flow Switch 8.704-121.0 Suttner ST-6 Replacement Reed Switch
For Suttner ST-5 Flow Switch

Horizontal or Vertical Mount

For Suttner ST-6 Flow Switch