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Power Washer Pressure Switch | Pressure Washer Burner Control

Hot water pressure washers are designed to do two things: create high pressure for powerful cleaning and create hot water to expedite the cleaning job. But, how do you keep your employees and your equipment safe with this high temperature, high pressure water? Hot water pressure washer manufacturers such as Hotsy, Karcher and Landa produce power washers with many safety features designed to do just that - keep you SAFE. A pressure switch is one of those safety features. When a pressure washer trigger gun is pulled, it allows high pressure water to flow through the system, activating the pressure switch, which basically tells the burner system that it's okay to fire and produce hot water. When the trigger gun is released, the pressure switch deactivates, and the burner system turns off. Interchangeable with a flow switch, our pressure switches are a simple, yet highly effective means of protecting you and your equipment.

Not certain if you should install a pressure switch or flow switch in your hot water pressure washer? Give us a call for additional information and recommendations! We're happy to help!

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8.712-267.0 Hotsy Red Pressure Switch 8.716-129.0 Hotsy Black 3/8" Pressure Switch 4000 PSI 8.712-261.0 Legacy Pressure Switch
5800 Max PSI
3/8" MPT

4000 Max PSI
3/8" MPT

Switches at 360 PSI
1/4" MPT

8.712-262.0 Legacy Pressure Switch 9.802-458.0 PA PR16 1/4" MPT Pressure Switch 8.704-572.0 Heavy Duty Micro Switch for Hotsy Red Pressure Switch
Switches at 580 PSI
1/4" MPT

3600 Max PSI
1/4" MPT

For Hotsy Red Pressure Switch

8.717-256.0 Replacement Micro Switch for Hotsy Black Pressure Switch
For Hotsy Black Pressure Switch
and PA Pressure Switch