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Hotsy Dual Lance Wand | Variable Pressure Wand

Many Hotsy gas-engine drive pressure washers are delivered to the customer with a dual lance wand, for ease of detergent application. These variable pressure wands, when used in conjunction with a downstream detergent injector, controls the flow of power washer soap, merely by turning the handle. A dual lance wand uses two nozzles; one is a high pressure nozzle and the other is a soap nozzle, with a large orifice (opening). By turning the dual lance wand handle, it allows water to flow through both nozzles, thereby reducing the operating pressure (PSI) and simultaneously creating a venturi (vacuum) that begins the flow of pressure washing detergents.

If you would like to add a downstream detergent injector and variable pressure dual lance wand system to your power washer, GIVE US A CALL at 888-269-0172! We'd be happy to discuss the alternatives and help you find exactly which system would be best for you!

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8.711-313.0 Hotsy Dual Lance Wand 48 Inch 48" Hotsy Dual Lance Wand

3000 PSI

Our Price: $103.00
8.717-662.0 Hotsy Dual Lance Wand Repair Kit Hotsy Dual Lance Wand Repair Kit

For Hotsy
36" & 48" Dual Lance Wands

Our Price: $18.10