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Hotsy Hose Reels | Pressure Washer Hose Reel

Pressure washing hose reels are an add-on accessory that make working with a pressure washer infinitely easier and tidier, while protecting your high pressure hose from damage and abuse. A water hose reel is one thing, while a Hotsy pressure washer reel capable of withstanding as much as 5000 PSI and 325-degree water temperatures is another. The Hotsy hose reel comes in either fixed base or 360° pivoting configurations and they're made to accommodate either 100' or 200' of high-pressure hose, depending on the model. The fixed base Hotsy reel units offer a range of mounting options and a mounting kit is required.

A Hotsy pressure washer reel is something that you may do without, but once you start using one you'll wonder why you waited so long. These are over-sized reels that will accept the stated hose length yet still leave room for ease of operation. They can be adapted to hold either 1/2" or 3/8" hose.

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