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Hotsy Pressure Washer Insulation | Heating Coil Insulation

Hotsy pressure washer insulation is available in three forms: The blanket insulation which wraps around the entire heating coil, the exhaust stack insulation (commonly called the top hat insulation) which sits within the top hat of the power washer, and the bottom insulation or pancake insulation, which sits below the heating coil within the burner chamber. These three forms of insulation assist in keeping the high temperature heat created by the pressure washer within the burn chamber, raising the temperature of the water to the desired levels. The insulation also protects other components of the pressure washer from heat damage.

Hotsy pressure washer insulation is sized appropriately for the heating coil being replaced. If you are uncertain as to the exact heating coil insulation that your hot water pressure washer requires, please contact our customer service representative at our toll-free number for assistance.