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Bottom Pancake Insulation

Hotsy Bottom Coil Insulation | Pancake Insulation

Inside the combustion chamber of a Hotsy hot water pressure washer, and below the heating coil, sits a thick layer of insulation, commonly called the Pancake Insulation. This bottom coil insulation protects the burner system components from possible damage caused by the high temperature flame within the burn chamber that is heating the high pressure water flowing through the heating coil. This pancake insulation should be replaced when replacing the heating coil, but can also be damaged by excessive unspent (or not burned) diesel fuel that has been sprayed into the burn chamber, but not ignited properly by the electronic igniter or transformer.

Please also see our selection of blanket wrap insulation and top hat insulation for Hotsy pressure washers.

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8.717-437.0 Hotsy Heating Coil Bottom Pancake Insulation 8.717-450.0 Hotsy Bottom Chassis Panel Coil Insulation For Hotsy Model 558 and 559 8.753-096.0 Hotsy Pressure Washer Bottom Pancake Coil Insulation
For Hotsy Models:
5730ss, 5733ss, HSS-653569E, HSDS-653569E,
HSS-803069E, HSDS-803069E, HSS-952569E,
HSDS-952569E HSS-803089E, HSS-102589E

For Hotsy Models:

For Hotsy Models:
560ss, 781ss, 871ss, 921ss, 965ss, 1065ss,
1065sse, 1075ss, 1075sse, 1260ss, 1260ssg,
1270ss, 1270ssg, 1280ss, 1280ssg, 1285ss,
1285ssg, 1290ss, 1290ssg

9.802-903.0 Hotsy Heating Coil Bottom Pancake Fiberglass Insulation 9.802-905.0 Hotsy Bottom Pancake Insulation Donut 9.802-907.0 Hotsy Bottom Chassis Panel Coil Insulation
For Hotsy Models:
444, 550A, 550B, 550C, 660ss,
555ss, 790ss, 795ss, 870ss, 965ss

For Hotsy Models:
Diesel Fired
900 and 1400 Series

For Hotsy Models:
771, 772

8.717-451.0 Hotsy Fiberglass Heating Coil Insulation, Cut to Fit for Exhaust Stack and Pancake Insulation
For Hotsy Models:
S5730-3, S5730-5, S5732-4,
S5732-5, S5733-1, S5735-3